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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mix Celebrating The Beatles Revolver's 40th

The Beatles' RevolverIt's been 40 years since the release of The Beatles' Revolver, a most fantastic collection of work by the Fab Four, producer George Martin and engineer Geoff Emerick that changed so much in music and the recording process.

Recently I was asked by producer Paul Ingles to help prepare material for a tribute to the album, Everything Was Right: The Beatles' Revolver which would air on Public Radio International. Consequently, I ended up with an assortment of extractions and loops from the record which wanted to be assembled in some fashion. Mix, remix, mashup - call it what you like - Everything Was Right is the result.

We're very gratified indeed to have received this first response within an hour of posting the mp3:
Hey Douglas,

Just stumbled across your blog and wanted to tell you that I loved your loop tribute to Revolver, "Everything Was Right." It's great to hear someone doing something creative with such classic music. Keep up the good work!

Best regards,

Howard Massey
co-author of Geoff Emerick's
Here, There, and Everywhere
It was a delightful synchronicity, since I had just started reading Geoff and Howard's book! In fact, it was while I was reading it that I became inspired, and this is what happened... Thank you, Howard... and Geoff.

By the way, it was months after Everything Was Right was finished that I learned of the Love project and the similar efforts of George and Giles Martin. Lucky guys had access to the basic tracks...
download: Everything Was Right


Blogger lownoise said...

Everything Was Right is now in the new music rotation being heard on Beatles-A-Rama and Radio Free Phoenix. Thanks!

May 20, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really nice mix of the Beatles Revolver songs! Thank you!

May 25, 2006  
Blogger Livercool said...

Wow!!,Douglas Grant,You obviously had fun doing that remix,I actually think John,Paul,George & Ringo would like it to.
I'm sure Sir George Martin would give his blessing 2.
& then no doubt offer you a job @ Abbey road.
I loved your remix to bits.It's the best "new" track from the Beatles since the Anthology.
I believe the beatleg popdcast site have used a little of your remix in there podcast celebrating Revolver's 40th.No.63 I think.
I have also heard snippet's in Paul Ingles & Public Radio Internation's excellellent tribute to Revolver "Everything Was Right".Your mix highlights some of the best moments of Revolver & then some.
Whilst sounded true to the album..& The Beatles..
I'm really made up you have done this mix & pretty gobsmacked at how good it is.
Anychance you could post me a copy,uninterrupted.
i would so appreciate it,I have a mac computer & haven't been able 2 downlaod your "masterpiece".
Revolver is my fav album of all time.
Yours in music
John Oswick

August 10, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Douglas,Livercool here again,I Have downloaded your amazing "Everything Was Right",and have dejayed your track at a few dj nights,ive done....
It has always gone done a treat!!!,people are amazed by it!!!!!!... so am I....Simply brilliant.....!!!
However the 192 kpm,sound quality no longer does it justice.... I was hoping you could send me a higher quality sounding cd,maybe a master,I am still simply gobsmacked by your effort!!!!!!..I would love your autograph 2...Im in awe....thankyou.....

My adress is 2/54 River Road,Greenwich-Sydney 2065...N.S.W,Australia....

July 06, 2008  

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