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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Bob Meighan Band - White Dancer

t's known as 'white' Dancer because the album was "rerecorded and significantly spiffed up" after the band was signed by Capitol Records in 1976 and issued under the same title.

The Bob Meighan Band formed in Tempe, Arizona and developed a huge and devoted following around the state in the mid-70's, playing a heart-warming repertoire of Bob's originals and contemporary country rock and blues covers. No LP got more airplay on KWFM, Tucson upon its release in 1975 than this one.

It also was heard regularly on WNCS, Montpelier, Vermont in subsequent years due to the indulgence of yours truly and also program director Steve Zind, who had been the band's manager. Read Steve's brief bio of the band on Bob's site.

A couple of years ago, I started working on restoring the audio from The Dancer vinyl and digitizing the cover artwork, mainly for myself, with the notion that I'd send a copy of the finished work to Bob and Steve when it was done, and I nursed the project along slowly, on and off.

Then I learned this summer that Bob had assembled a band that would be performing two concerts of their old stuff: The Hotel Congress Music and Film Festival, Tucson, September 1, 2007, and the Fiesta De Las Calabazas at Oracle State Park, Oracle on October 13th. And suddenly I knew I had to finish the job. The results can be heard online, linked through Bob's homepage.

There's also a short video from fragments I shot at the Hotel Congress show - an unplanned experiment to see what a little Canon PowerShot SD750 camera could do in Movie mode with stage lighting and loud PA sound. The audio got very compressed and it's unprofessional for sure, but quite enjoyable! It was very moving to see the hundreds of people who turned out for the Bob Meighan Band after 30 years, and everyone was delighted at what they heard.


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